May in the Garden!



A beautiful time of year… but so much to do! Not sure what to be doing in your garden and yard right now? Here's a few hints.....

  •  Remove any old mulch.... Add to your compost pile
      cultivate your soil
  •  Apply soil amendments – compost, manure, peat, organic fertilizers, etc
  •  Apply slow-release, high phosphorus fertilizer to flower beds
  •  Deadhead your flowering bulbs that have gone by. Don't cut the greens! This is what makes the food for next years flowers.
  •  Divide and transplant garden plants
  •  Apply mulch after your plants have emerged- take care not to place on top of the crown of the plant.
  •  Apply lawn fertilizer and lime
  •  Apply pre-and post-emergent weed controls
  •  Apply lawn grub control
  •  Mow your lawn – once or twice a week, in the morning or the evening during the high-growth season. Use a sharp mower blade and cut to a height of about 3 to 3 1/2 inches
  • Don't mow for 24 hours after you fertilize
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs


  •  Plant a vegetable garden
  •  Water-in general your garden should be watered once a week with the a deep, thorough watering. Poke your finger into the dirt and see if the soil is wet at least 3 inches(about to your knuckle) below the surface. early morning is preferable to evening.

Take the time to enjoy your efforts!
Gardening questions?? Email me at
Or stop by and say hi!

Happy Gardening!!!!! Chris




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