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Gazette Readers Choice 2015

Dave Ratner of Dave's Soda & Pet City celebrates 40 years

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Friends of Dave's

2015 Q2

Dave's Soda and Pet City is proud to announce that the Friends of Dave's program continues to be
a huge success in the 2nd quarter of 2015.
Customers have helped us raise $7,935.00 for the following organizations.


Feline Friends

Agawam Friends of the Homeless Cats
Angel's Answer
Belchertown Animal Control
Blue Star Equiculture
Broken Tail Rescue
Concerned Citizens for Animals
Dakin Humane Society
Gemini's Pampered Greyhounds
Greyhound Options, Inc.
Halfway Home Rescue
Kane's Krusade
Mary's Kitty Korner
New Beginnings Dog Rescue
Second Chance Animal Shelter
T.J. O'Connor
Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation
Westfield Regional Animal Shelter


Dave's 40th Anniversary Celebration!

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Photos from the Bark for Life event

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A Letter from Second Chance Animal Shelter

Dave Donates to Pioneer Valley Cardiology Associates'

Pet Contest

Dave Donates to Link to Libraries

A Note from Thomas J. O'Connor
Animal Control & Adoption Center







A HUGE Thank You! to all of our customers!



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A Surprise Run In

Hi Friends,
How cool is this.... I was at the annual Retail Association of Massachusetts meeting last week in Boston and sat next to a woman I have never met. We started chatting and I told her I own some pet stores in Western Mass. The conversation quickly turned to our dogs and how crazy we are about them. Naturally I asked her what she feeds her Bernese mountain dog. "Well," she said, "I feed him Harvey's dry and mix it with Dave's canned food." (Remember, she has no idea who I am) I said "really, what flavor?' she looked kind of surprised and replied "the flavor with the quinoa." "Oh," I said, "the chicken, sweet potato and quinoa?" She looked at me with a how do you know that look and I couldn't hold out any longer.. "I'm Dave," I said. "GET OUT!!!" she exclaimed. "Really, I'm Dave of Dave's Pet food. As proof, look at the picture on the can when you get home." I said. 

Her name is Annie; she was blown away and all I could think of is this..
this person who has no idea (up till right this minute) who I am, trusts me with the health of the creature she loves more than anything in the world.. Okay, maybe her kids come first.

Do I have the best job, or what??
"You have kept him healthy all of these years!!!
We love your food!
Thank you for all you do!!!"

-Annie P.


Dave Gives Back!




Dave's at the Pet Costume Contest at Sixflags




Kane's Krusade Acknowledges Dave for his giving


Steady As He Gives

Dave gets a shout out for all of his work in the community in this article by Pet Product News




Girl Scouts pet food donation drive to benefit Kane's Krusade!







Dave's interview with Entrepreneur Network


TJ O’Connor Adoption Center makes a change

To Dave’s Pet Food

The Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center has made a change in the food it feeds its cats and dogs to Dave’s Pet Food.

Executive Director, Pam Peebles said there were a number of factors prompting TJO to switch to a different food. “We were looking for a high quality food that we could feed consistently to the animals sheltered at TJO. Many come in struggling with malnutrition, intestinal parasites and other medical complications. Providing them with a steady, high quality diet is one of the first and most important steps we can take to get them on track to wellness. Staying local and communicating with a friendly business was important too.”  She reached out to Dave to talk about a solution and very quickly it became apparent that Dave’s Pet Food was a perfect match. “Dave’s made it affordable for us to achieve our goal of feeding a high quality, consistent diet to the animals that call TJO their temporary home. We are also quite pleased to buy from a friendly, local business that values customer service.”

 Adopters will also receive a coupon for a free 4lb bag of Dave’s Brand Dry Dog or Cat food when they bring their new furry friend home.

Dave’s Pet Food is owned and operated by David Ratner, owner of Dave’s Soda and Pet City. As a pet supply retailer, Dave knew that there was a lot of great pet food on the market, and there was a lot of affordable pet food on the market, but there was not a lot of great, affordable food. That’s why Dave made the decision to start a private label pet food for his customers. The goal when the brand was started was simple- a really great food that is nutritious and delicious at a reasonable price. A world famous nutritionist created his first formula and the rest is history. The brand continues to grow. As of today, Dave’s Pet Food is sold in more than 2,000 independent pet stores all across the USA, as well as many online sites, including the Home shopping Network. 




Dave Ratner, owner of Dave’s Pet City and Dave’s Pet Food,
spreads holiday cheer to four local charities.

In the spirit of the season, Dave’s has donated a total of $4,000 to four local charities & Organizations:
The United Way, Toys for Tots, Community Music School and the children’s wing at Baystate Hospital.
Dave’s is dedicated to giving back and very proud to support these organizations that are
so important to its communities, especially during the holiday season.






Dave in the News!

Dave featured in Pet Product News International

Dave's Pet Food City is working in cooperation with Baird Middle School students learning about salt water fish and fish tank habitats.  Dave's Pet Food City recently visited a grade 7 science classroom to discuss the interactions of living things.  Part of the grade 7 curriculum is the study of living things an ecosystems.  They learned what salt water fish need to survive in their habitat.

We appreciate Dave's Pet Food City visiting with our students. As a result, we have several students that want to be part of the cleaning process of our tank.  We will always be grateful to Kris and Deb Walsh for their gift of the fish tank in our library.  Since the summer, our tank has been given a bit of a face lift with a few new parts and accessories donated by Dave's Pet Food City.

Two grade 6 students Jennifer & Miranda learning how to clean our fish tank. 


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