The PAWS Training Group now offering classes at
Dave's Pet City Ludlow

The PAWS Training Group believes in making training fun and inviting for dog and owner alike! Our training methods incorporate communication, leadership, respect, trust, rewards, and the right type of corrections. Never using harsh or adverse methods, we guarantee our results!  We will teach you how to communicate with your dog in their “native language” and show you how to achieve balance between you and your pooch! Click Here to Visit the PAWS website

Obedience I                                                5-Weeks                                $125
This is considered elementary school. This class will help you teach you and your dog all the basic commands such as Sit, Down, Wait, Take-It, Leave-It, Drop-It, Come When Called, walking on a leash, socialization, household manners, learning to read your dog’s body language, and so much more! By the end of this class, you will be ready for Obedience II and you will be able to read your dog and know what he is thinking. This is a 5-week course and is open to all puppies and dogs 10 weeks or older. Certificate of Completion is earned. Proof of Vaccines required. Please see our website for a list of required vaccines and for more information on vaccines.

Obedience II                                                   5-Weeks                                $125
Whether you have mastered the basic commands, or you are still having challenges around distractions, this class is for you and your dog. The curriculum is geared towards real life situations. We will help you integrate everything you learn into your everyday life and routines. With new commands like Stay, Heel, Place, and Targeting, the class is mentally and physically stimulating to your dog. This 5-week course is designed specifically for dogs aged 5 months and older. Prerequisite: Obedience I or equivalent. Certificate of completion is earned. Proof of Vaccines required. Please see our website for a list of required vaccines and for more information on vaccines.

Obedience III                                          5-Weeks                                $125

This class is geared towards more advanced commands and distractions. At the end of this class, you will be ready to take your Canine Good Citizen test (CGC by the AKC). Your dog will be suited to accompany you to busy places in real life situations. When you graduate this class, you should be better prepared for an active lifestyle. This 5-week course is designed specifically for dogs that are 9 months and older. Prerequisite: Obedience I & II or equivalent. Graduation Diploma earned. Proof of Vaccines required. Please see our website for a list of required vaccines and for more information on vaccines.

Obedience Drop-In Class                       1 hour                                       $15
At every class, owners will have access to one of our skilled instructors to answer questions or concerns that need attention. Each class will provide guided instruction on developing skills; however, individual needs also will be addressed. Who will benefit from this class? Busy families that need flexibility in scheduling and individuals that may only need some guided assistance on one or two particular behaviors. Whether you just have a couple questions or concerns that could be addressed in one class or you don't have time to commit to a 5-week course, these classes provide valuable opportunities to train and bond with your dog in the presence of a skilled PAWS instructor.

Socialization Class                                    1 Hour                        $5/per class
Socialization classes offer more than just play. They teach your dog boundaries with humans and other dogs. Socialization is the most important aspect of being a dog. Come wear out your dog’s energy and learn how to read their body language! This is a drop in class. When you purchase a punch card, you can come any Saturday or consecutively, the choice is yours.
When you purchase a 10 class deal, you get your 11th class free! When you have used all the classes on your card, turn your card in and you are entered into a drawing to win 5 more classes for free! Vaccine information is required to be presented at the purchase of your class card deal.

5 Class card you will be given a punch card the day you purchase the 5 classes. You must present your vaccine information when you purchase your class card.

Individual Class: Come when you want, fill out the form, and pay only $5 each time. Vaccine information must be brought to each of these classes, and a form must be filled out each time. If your dog shows signs of aggressive behavior towards dogs or people, socialization class is NOT the answer. Please contact PAWS for one-on-one help. Please see our website for more information on vaccines.


List of Required Vaccines:
Rabies - age appropriate
Bordetella (yearly kennel cough)



For more information on our classes, please stop into Dave's Pet City, 433 Center St. Ludlow, MA 01056 or Call Shari at 508-414-7017.


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